Hi! My name is

Kelly King

I'm a web developer and designer in San Francisco.

Kelly King

About Me

I love designing and coding for the web. I spend most of my free time building websites and apps in JavaScript and PHP. My bachelor's degree was in environmental science, and I am now working on a MS in Computer Science.

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  • Bootstrapify


    Chrome Plugin

  • Simon Says Game

    Simon Says

    JavaScript Game

  • Hackspace


    Laravel Application

  • Flot Plugin

    Letter Graphs

    FlotJS Plugin

  • Rock Paper Scissors

    Rock Paper Scissors

    WordPress Website

  • Hangman


    JavaScript Game

  • visualize jquery plugin


    jQuery Plugin

  • Android Arduino Controller

    Lego Robot Controller

    Android App



My Skills Graph

During the day, I work as a Front-end Developer building web applications for companies like Best Buy and Wells Fargo. At night, I am earning a Master's Degree in computer science. Between the rapidly-changing, learn-it-yourself nature of JavaScript development, and the foundational curriculum of a computer science degree, my programming experience is fairly well-rounded.



  • Education

    Eastern Michigan University

    MS in Computer Science
    In Progress

    University of Michigan

    BS in Environmental Science
    August, 2010

  • Work

    Systems in Motion

    Front-end Development
    May 2013 - Present

    Insite Design Lab

    Web Design and Development
    2011 - 2013

  • Recognition

    Lansing Startup Weekend

    Mobile Game
    1st Place

    Ann Arbor Startup Weekend

    Mobile Game
    2nd Place